The Student Project Management Team


Sophia Silverton

Sophia is in her final year of Arts and Science, graduating with a minor of Sustainability and a minor of Economics. Someday she hopes to reconcile the two, both in her own mind and in the world around her. To get there, she has held an internship at Environment Hamilton and has her sights on a Masters of Environmental Governance at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg.


Nick Maizlin

Nick is a third-year student in the Arts and Science program. In high school he co-founded, a site about tech and video games that went on to gain almost 2 million views and reached number 1 on several subreddits. In his spare time he loves watching movies and writing short stories. He is a firm believer in having your fingers in as many pies as possible.

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Danielle Canagasuriam

Completing the final year of her undergraduate Arts and Science degree, Danielle will be graduating in June of 2018 with a Combined Honours in Communication Studies. As the Speaker, Skills, and Social coordinator for the 2017 Combining Two Cultures conference and an alumna of the Institute of Liberal Studies 2017 Freedom Week, Danielle is well-versed in the intricacies of facilitating a poignant, effective forum.


The Mentors


Bruce Miyashita, B.Arts Sc. ‘84


Bruce Miyashita is an independent advisor in the field of business process improvement. For over 30 years Bruce has combined “left brain” scientific methods, analytical tools, and statistics with “right brain” approaches from the arts and humanities to improve business operations and to stimulate change. He credits this approach primarily to his undergraduate degree experience in the Arts and Science Program at McMaster in the early ‘80s. His focus has been on advising, coaching, and training in organizations that prioritize process excellence and are committed to the cultural, human resource, and strategic implications of that undertaking. Prior to launching in 2012 his own training organization, Miyashita Advisory, he held several senior executive positions focused on business process improvement and strategy implementation. These included his role as Consultant at McKinsey & Company (1988-1996), Director of Strategic Initiatives at Bombardier (1997-1999), Vice-President, Six Sigma, Maple Leaf Foods (1999-2011) and Head of BMO's Process Centre of Excellence (2012-2015). In May 2015, he founded the Tom & Nancy Miyashita Foundation focused on local not-for-profit organizations helping to improve education and life-skills for young adults. The Arts and Science Program is a beneficiary of this Foundation.


Evan Jones, B.Arts Sc. '01


Evan Jones has quickly become a prominent figure in the digital media industry and has achieved both national and international success as a creative leader and innovator. After graduating from the Arts & Science program in 2001, Evan went on to study interactive media at Sheridan College and attend the Interactive Art and Entertainment Programme at the Canadian Film Centre. Evan is the founder, partner and creative director of Stitch Media, with offices in Toronto and Halifax. His international clients include Microsoft, Disney, FOX, CBC, Bell, Discovery, Showcase, the National Film Board and the Movie Network. He specializes in creating interactive stories for primetime television, books, web, mobile and games, and is a two-time Emmy Award® winner for his innovative work in these areas. Evan’s work has been recognized as one of the Top 10 New Media Groundbreakers of the Decade, and this year was nominated for Canada’s Digital Media Producer of the Year. This year, his company has won the national Digi Award for Best in Digital Advertising and the United Nations World Summit Award for Best in E-Culture.


Stephanie McLarty, B.Arts Sc. '03


Stephanie McLarty is an award-winning young entrepreneur and champion of responsible and sustainable corporate practices. Stephanie graduated from the Arts & Science program in 2003. She traveled internationally, taught English overseas, and pursued a master’s degree in peace and conflict transformation. Returning home, she found work assisting in the disposal of surplus equipment at Rogers and realized there is an increasing need to dispose of equipment sustainably. In 2010, Stephanie launched REfficient, an online reuse marketplace and services for businesses. REfficient helps companies get rid of unwanted equipment by selling it to small and medium-sized businesses at up to 90 per cent off the cost of new hardware, connects companies to recycling services and also provides clients with detailed sustainability reporting. Stephanie was a finalist for Ontario in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, one of the most prestigious business awards in Canada, and she was one of three Young Professional Leaders appointed to the International Electrotechnical Commission in 2010. REfficient has been recognized by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade as one of the top companies in the clean tech sector and the company is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise through WEConnect Canada. Stephanie recently moved REfficient from Mississauga to Hamilton, where she now lives. The company also operates hubs in Vancouver, Edmonton and Halifax and, since its launch in July 2010, has kept 430,000 kilograms (equivalent to about 40 school buses) out of landfills.


Jackie Brown, B.Arts Sc. ‘14


Jackie is the most recently graduated of the alumni mentors. She currently oversees all of the arts and culture programs at two community centres in Toronto, but has recently become very interested in the notion of the "future of work" and how the job market is already changing rapidly in response to advancements in technology. She has done some independent investigation in this area and is now considering pursuing academic research on the subject. She is particularly interested in the role that interdisciplinary education can play not only in teaching students critical thinking skills, but also in preparing them more directly for fulfilling careers in the innovation sector. She recently co-taught a one-unit module on the topic of Urban Placemaking (ARTSCI/ISCI 3IE1) that delved into the use of arts-based practices, environmental resources, social enterprise, and civic engagement tools as a collaborative process for animating public and private spaces to strengthen the social and cultural fabric of a city and for reimagining underutilized properties. A video on ‘Making Space: Strengthening Communities through Creativity’ based on research funded by her 2013 Renaissance Award can be viewed here: <>